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This site is all about Saint John Vianney Minor Seminary in Miami Florida.    From 1959 to 1975, this school taught young men from  grades 9-12.   Your host, Ray J. Vaughan, is a proud product of this school.   This site is dedicated to the Vincentian Fathers who dedicated their lives to our education.  



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11/30/09 Miami Hearld front page article about SJV

11/7/2009 50th Anniversary celebration in pictures and video

9/29/2009 Reunion Schedule with details about the events

2/14/2008 50th Anniversary Reunion!

1/28/2006  Class of 1967 pictures from Roger Gallagher



For more information about the school as it is today, visit the St. John Vianney College Seminary web site.   This site is more about the High School which quietly passed away in 1975.    At that point the buildings became St. Brendan High School.   

In this site, I want to track the students and the faculty who were in the Seminary High School.   On other pages I have databases of both groups.   I know there are a lot of blanks now, but with your help, I can fill in the information.   If someone wants to help track the Alumni of the Junior College part of SJV, I'll offer this site to publish the information.  

Why would someone, more than 25 years later, start a web site about his old school?    Simple.  I'm wondering where everyone is today.   How did we all turn out?   How much of an impact did our teachers make?     It's doubtful that we'll ever have a reunion, after all, the graduating class the last year was three students!   But maybe we can meet again in spirit over the net.   To better understand what caused the closure of SJV, here's a site that has information about Seminary Enrollment Trends over the years.  

A related web site for St. Brendan High School has connected me to three of my former SJV school mates.   If they found that site, maybe others from SJV will find this site.    I know some people check the Internet search engines for their own names... maybe they'll find this site.   Of course, the more people you tell about this site, the faster we'll find each other.

The older pictures on this site come from the Disciple Year Book, 1965 to 1975.   The yearbook died when the High School was closed.   These books, available today in the Maytag Library, provide insight into the history of our school.   Also available are the school Bulletins.  Class schedules and the school rules can give a good idea of what life was like for the students of the high school at St. John Vianney. 

A new page has been added for the pictures you've been sending to me.     I'm sure many of you have some old photos around that wouldn't have made it to the Yearbook.    Let's see them.   To see what we have so far, go to the Personal Photos page.

If you are from SJV, I would really like to hear from you.    Drop me an e-mail to let me know your class and where you are today.   An e-mail address and web site would help your old classmates find you.    This is a work-in-progress, so please come back every few weeks to see who else has found us.   Please think back to your years at SJV and write up your memories.  I would really like to add your thoughts to the Reflections page.    Just let the memories flow and send them to me.  

Thanks for visiting this web site.

Ray J. Vaughan

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