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Here is a collection of photos that you've sent me.   Above and beyond what might be found in the Yearbook.   Many of these tell the story from the Student's perspective.   

Class of 1963 St John Vianney Minor Seminary High School

Class of 1963.jpg (29647 bytes)

Front Row (left to right) Fisher, William; Healey, James; Blum, Mark; Canizares, Oscar; Fortier, Dan

Back Row (left to right) Makoid, Michael; Neeley, Robert; Voyer, Laurence; Flanagan, William; Clinger, Robert

Contributed by Michael C. Makoid, Ph.D.

I think, is our 1964 class photo. At least I've concluded that by comparing it to the class pictures in the 65 and 66 yearbooks. By my count 18 of the 25 guys are from the original group that entered in 1960 composed of 64 kids. Chris Wright.  

I noticed in the second picture, below the top picture, that the boy on the right in the first row is my brother. Not sure what name he went by then…Joseph Carol Origene Voyer.  He goes by Joe Voyer, currently and lives in Las Vegas.  Larry Voyer

1964 class picture.gif (285934 bytes)


A scene from our first real play, The Betrayal (1963?) Chris Wright

The Betrayal 2.gif (188212 bytes)


The Betrayal 4.gif (241148 bytes)


Two of the stage crew at work 1963 Chris Wright

The Betrayal 3.gif (100740 bytes)


A card break for the sound crew 1963 Chris Wright

The Betrayal 1.gif (84752 bytes)


A view out of the front gate 1960 Chris Wright [notice that you can see for miles.   No trees in the area since this part of Miami is so new in 1960]

Front Gate 1960.gif (63168 bytes)


The study hall in the oldest seminary building. 1960 or 61  Chris Wright [now part of Christopher Columbus High]

Study Hall.gif (64924 bytes)


Fr. Eugene Walsh, math instructor and proponent of the John Birch Society.  1960 or 61  Chris Wright

Fr. Eugene Walsh.gif (109448 bytes)


Chris Wright's Senior Yearbook page:

Chris Wright YB page.gif (295214 bytes)


If you have any personal pictures you could scan, please send them to me!  Thanks to Chris for the images.