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I have started a database of the students I have known from SJV.     Since I was a freshman in the last year of the school, the mid 1970's are the only years included so far.   But with help, I could include every year since the schools inception.   Most of this data is from the the 1975 yearbook, the "Disciple."    If you have any information about any of these students, I would really like to hear from you.   Hopefully, just being on the net within reach of the search engines will help us find some of you.   

Some notes about this table:  The 'Class' refers to when they graduated or would have graduated high school if the school had continued or if they had continued at SJV.   I thought it was important to include anyone who attended SJV, graduates or not.    'Grad' indicates that they appeared as seniors in their yearbook.    In most cases, a 'no' means I don't know if they graduated.  

Update 10/15/99:  I found some yearbooks that predate my time at SJV.  I've added more names based on this information.  I personally own yearbooks from 1969 to 1975.   The 1969 yearbook has a nice history of the first 10 years of the school.   I hope to scan these pages to let everyone see the history of the campus.   I'm up to 264 student names!  I really need help with the students before 1965.   Our fellow classmates ARE finding this site.   It's working!

Update 11/09/99: I'm adding names from the early Bulletins.   Since there were no yearbooks before 1965, these appear to be the only records of student names.    I'll continue to add more names as I can.   We're up to 347 student names.

Update 7/24/00:  More and more input coming in!   This site is working.    Your classmates are finding this site and each other.     Please pass the word.   Just tell them    Send me anything about you and your classmates.   Even a city name can help others find them.

Update 8/3/00:   More help from Dan Kroger for 1968-1971.  We're now at 385 names and growing. 

Update 8/25/00:  In an effort to make things work faster, I've divided the student database into two parts based on the year of graduation:

Update 3/20/02:  After many delays, I finally rebuilt the database.   Some pages were just too large, so now each year has its own page.   I'm afraid some data updates could have been lost, so please check your data and send me any changes.

Current number of students in the database:   587

Last updated: 07/29/08 09:56:14 AM