Spring Concert

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Pictures from the 2011 Spring Concert

Featuring:  Fr. Roberto Garza, Fr. Jose Alvarez Fr. Robert Vallee, and
The Seminarians of St. John Vianney

Saturday, April 9, 2011. 

The music will be performed by the seminary students and various alumni.

Special guests included: Msgr. Terrence Hogan, Fr. Wilfredo Contreras, Fr. Charnel Jeanty, and Fr. Juan Sosa

Spring Concert 2011

Throughout its history, St. John Vianney College Seminary has had a rich and vibrant musical tradition.  Archbishop Coleman Carroll established the seminary in 1959 and brought the Vincentian Fathers to Miami in order to staff it.

Among those founding fathers was the Rev. John Buckley, C.M., a man of extraordinary compositional genius and musical talent.  His works are performed at the seminary even to this day.  Building on the foundation established by Fr. Buckley, the seminary has continued to produce talented and musically adept priests and lay musicians.

Among his students, there were many gifted musicians and musically inclined priests, two of which will contribute compositions and perform at the Spring Concert, namely, Msgr. Hogan and Fr. Sosa.  Please join us for an evening of fellowship and wonderful music composed and performed by our very own.

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