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Here are some photos that I found from our class. Hope you can use them.

Roger Gallagher

Can I use them?   Wow, these are great!   I'll be happy to post anything you, or anyone else from SJV sends me!   Click on the image to see it full size.  You may be able to enlarge them some more by clicking on the image again.



High_School_Class_of_1967.jpg (225847 bytes)

1 Roger Gallagher Freshman Year 1963-1964
2. High School Building now part of Christopher Columbus High School 1963-1964
3. Study Hall High School Building 1963-1964
4. Father Frederick Gaulin, C.M. High School Building 1963-1964
5. Bob Dula, Roger Gallagher and Jim Grace, Seminary Pool 1963-1964
6. Father Reilly, C.M. getting a haircut from Bob Hoeffner


High_School_Class_of_1967__2.jpg (249496 bytes)

1. Father Reilly, CM singing Christmas Hymns in the Refectory 1963
2. Christmas Carols in the High School Building Locker Room 1963
3. Our Altar in the College Bldg 1963-1964
4. Father Reilly, CM and Bob Dula 1963-1964
5. Les Santos and Mark Guitard Sophomore Year 1964
6. Some of the Sophomores of 1964: Frank McCormick, Bob Dula, Brian Bussen, Mike Sullivan, Marion Radson, Jim Kreitner, Oscar Rodriquez, Rodney Grantham, Marc Guitard, Enrique Alonso, Roger Gallagher, Mike Murphey

High School Class of 1967 3.jpg (300901 bytes)

1. Paul Hirsch 
2. Chuck Doherty
3. Paul Konsavage
4. Jim Kreitner
5. Bill Boyd
6. Rodney Grantham


High School Class of 1967 4.jpg (317442 bytes)

1. Oscar Rodriquez
2. Marc Guitard
3. Mike Murphy
4. Enrique Alonso
5. Frank McCormick
6. Brian Bussen


High School Class 1967 6.jpg (302143 bytes)

1. Mike Sullivan
2. Roger Gallagher
3. Father Charlie Krieg, CM and Roger Gallagher in the Infirmary
4. Seniors: Chuck Doherty, Jim Krietner, Bob Murff, Mike Sullivan and Brian Bussen
5. Summer Time: Chuck Doherty, Pat Morell, Bob Peach, Rick Arnold, Brian Bussen, Roger Gallagher, Jim Grace, Dennis Glynn, Kevin Deland, Jim Kreitner and Mike Sullivan
6. Roger Gallagher receiving High School Diploma from Bishop Coleman F. Carroll June 1967

High School class of 1967 51.jpg (280633 bytes)

1. Ed Ruane
2. Marion Radson
3. Greg Blue
4. Bob Murff
5. John "JR" Sullivan
6. Bob Dula