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New: See the research I've done about the history of our campus on the Building Page.

I hope to add some pictures of the Campus, as it is today, and from when we walked the campus as students.  If you have any pictures, please scan them and send me a file.   I would like to include them.

Campus from the front gate, circa 1973

Gym under construction:

Admin Building in 1965

Admin 65.jpg (42344 bytes)

Inside the Admin Building, second floor:

The old pool near the refectory:

A SJV Postcard

Campus at night

High School building.   See the black chairs in the color picture?   I still have one.  

When the High School closed, I bought the chair, the Sony Stereo and the speakers made by Hank.



Let's try a little SJV trivia.     (answers below)

  1. What were our school colors?

  2. What would other people call 'The Jake'?

  3. We had a different name for the Cafeteria.   What was it?

  4. What did Fr. Easterly collect?

  5. How many chapels have there been on campus?

  6. How many bells are there in the bell tower?



I'll try to get some current pictures of the campus to let everyone see how things look today.   In general, the buildings look about the same from the outside.   But you might not recognize them from the inside.




  1. Black and Gold

  2. The bathroom/showers in the Dorm

  3. Refectory

  4. Elephants

  5. Five: One in the original "High School Building" (now part of Columbus High School).  Two: first floor of the Administration building (became a room for movies) Three: The Faculty House chapel.  Four: The one in the first floor of the College Building (became a library until the stand- alone library was built),  Five: The main chapel at the center of the Campus.  [Thanks to Bill Flanagan '63 for the correction!]

  6. Three


If you can think of some more questions, please let me know.     If you can, try to make it something that everyone would now, in other words, not year specific.