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The first faculty of SJV

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From left to right: Fathers John Young, Bernard Reilly, John Fisher, John Fisher, John McDonnell, Fredrick Gaulin, Paul Day, Albert Perron, Michael Farren, Henry Bradbury, Vincent Trunk, Michael Kennedy, Martin Peterson, John Buckley.

The faculty members from the first year were Frs. Fr. Young, Day, and Bradbury

All of the Vincentian Fathers have left us with memories of education, the old fashioned way.  Please take a moment to reflect on the impact these men had on us.  


Faculty Information as of October 2009

Name SJV Position Current Address Last known city St ZIP Station e-mail web site Notes First year at SJV Last year at SJV Year of Death
Rev. William J. Bamber C.M.
500 East Chelten Ave. Philadelphia PA 19144
St. Vincent's Seminary, Philadelphia, PA
1965 1971
Rev. Stephen Biscko C.M.
8000 Utopia Parkway


St. John's University, Jamaica, NY
0 1970
Rev. Henry M. Bradbury C.M.
8000 Utopia Parkway

Queens NY
St. John's University, Jamaica, NY
1960 0
Rev. Joseph Breen C.M.

0 0 1989
Rev. John J. Buckley C.M.
500 East Chelten Ave. Philadelphia   19144 St. Vincent's Seminary, Philadelphia, PA mail web See Photos Page 1962 1972
Rev. John W. Caine C.M.

1973 1974 1996
Rev. Leo Campbell C.M.

0 0
Rev. Thomas Casella C.M.

1972 1974 2005
Rev. John A. Crowley C.M.


1967 1971
Br. Ronald David FMS

0 1974
Rev. Paul Day C.M.

0 0 1970
Rev. Thomas A. Dennehy Treasurer

1973 1975 1999
Rev. Walter Dirig C.M. Dir, Junior College          
1971 1975 2008
Rev. Frederick J. Easterly C.M.

1965 1975 1987
Rev. Michael V. Farren C.M.

1963 0 1996
Rev. John Fisher C.M.

0 0 1970
Rev. Patrick V. Fleming C.M. Principal, Preparatory School          
1968 1975 2002
Rev. Fredrick Gaulin C.M.
500 East Chelten Ave.

St. Vincent's Seminary, Philadelphia, PA

0 0
Rev. Willaim R. Grass C.M.

1971 1974 1989
Rev. William Hennessey

1970 1971
Rev. Joseph Hubbert C.M.

0 0 1982
Very Rev. Emerick J. Hydo C.M. Rector             web
1965 1971 2008
Rev. Michael Kennedy C.M.
47 DePaul St
Emmitsburg MD 21727
St. Vincent's House, Emmitsburg, MD
0 0
Rev. Charles F. Krieg C.M. Residence Dir. Jr and Sr 65 Mapleton Rd. Princeton NJ 08540- St. Joseph's Seminary, Princeton, NJ mail web
1965 1973
Rev. Keith R. Krusky C.M.

1971 1974
Rev. John Long C.M.

0 0 1962
Rev. Joseph A. McBride C.M. Vice Rector

1969 1975 1981
Rev. Donald McCann C.M.

1974 1975 1984
Rev. John McDonnell C.M.
500 East Chelten Ave.
Philadelphia PA 19144 St. Vincent's Seminary, Philadelphia, PA
0 0  
Rev. Martin F. McGeough C.M.
331 West Neck Road
South Hampton NY 11968 Vincentian House, Southhampton, LI, NY   web
1974 1975
Very Rev. Charles McNamara C.M. President and Rector

0 1975 1992
Rev. Walter Menig C.M.
500 East Chelten Ave.
19144 St. Vincent's Seminary, Philadelphia, PA   web

0 0
Rev. Robert F. Morris C.M.

Pensacola FL
Now in the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee

  Not a CM now 0 1972
Rev. Jose Pando C.M.

0 0 1976
Rev. Harold Pascal C.M.

0 1972
Rev. John Pearce C.M.
500 East Chelten Avenue Philadelphia PA 19144- St Catherine's Infirmary, Provincial Motherhouse, Phil PA
1971 1975
Rev. Albert W. Perron C.M.

1959 1972 1977
Rev. Martin C. Peterson C.M.

1961 1967 1998
Rev. Thomas P. Powers C.M.

1964 1969 1978
Rev. Bernard Reilly C.M.

0 0
Rev. Louis Roberts Librarian

1971 1975
Rev. Vincent J. Sheehy

Retired, Diocese of Venice in Florida

1967 1969
Rev. David L. Symes C.M. V Rector

1965 1970 1997
Rev. Vincent E. Trunk C.M.


1962 0 2007
Rev. Stephen Trzecieski C.M.
47 DePaul St
MD 21727
St. Joseph's Church

1974 1975
Rev. Michael Tumulty C.M.
500 East Chelten Ave. Philadelphia PA 19144 St. Vincent's Seminary, Philadelphia, PA
1967 1975
Rev. Eugene Walsh C.M.

0 0
Rev. John E. Young C.M. 1st. Rector

0 0 1990

Last update: 10/02/2009

More current information can be found here for the living and here for those who have passed.

Msgr. John Nevins lived on campus before he became an Auxiliary Bishop.   Here is information about his current post.                      

Other staff you might remember:

bulletbullet Mrs. Isabella Klingler, Librarian 1969, 70
bulletbullet Mrs. Elizabeth Gehret, Office 1969, 70, 71, 72, 74, 75
bulletbullet Mrs. Patricia Bixby, Office 1970
bulletbullet Mrs. Thomas Costello, Office 1974
bulletbullet Richard La Croix, Kitchen Staff 1969
bulletbullet Hendrick Van Eyck, Maintenance 1969, 70, 71, 72
bulletbullet Jose Tovar, Maintenance 1969, 70, 71, 72, 74, 75
bulletbullet Adrian Bambini, Maintenance 1969, 70, 71, 72
bulletbullet Raul Ballina, Maintenance 1969, 70, 71
bulletbullet Senen Isla, Maintenance 1969, 70, 71, 72, 74, 74
bulletbullet Marcelino Regalado, Maintenance 1969, 70, 71, 72
bulletbullet Djalma Pontes, Maintenance 1969, 70, 71, 72
bulletbullet Rev. John McGrath, Vocations Director, 1974, 75
bulletbullet Mrs. Katherine Kavanaugh, Library 1974, 75
bulletbullet Donald King, Maintenance, 1974, 75
bulletbullet Charles Sheely, Maintenance, 1974, 75
bulletbullet Gerson Pontes, Maintenance, 1974
bulletbullet Msgr. John O'Dowd, Treasurer, 1975.   Passed away September 1, 2001 at the age of 84.    Obituary  
bulletbullet Walter Grayson, 1975
bulletbullet Cliff Howell, 1975
bulletbullet William Johnson, 1975
bulletbullet Dionisio Aquila, 1975

If you have any more information, please e-mail me

Some random pictures of our faculty:


Fr. Patrick Fleming, C.M.

The bear story… That's a very funny memory from my Freshman high school year at St. John Vianney in Miami.

Fr. Patrick Fleming was our High School Principal, and the Freshman Biology professor. I remember a party one night in the Freshman / Sophomore lounge. Two very vivid memories from that night. Our Rector, Fr. McNamara, who had a deep and scary sounding voice when he wanted to, singing funeral dirges at the piano. "as the students slowly filed into the examination room…"

But here's Fr. Fleming's bear story as I remember it:

We new and nervous freshman had to line up, shoulder to shoulder, with Fr. Fleming at end, on our right. The sophomores look on, smiling.

The instructions were simple, say and do what the guy to your right says and does. Fr. Fleming starts by saying:

"I see a bear!"

The guy to his left has to say "Where?"

Father raises his right arm, points to an imaginary bear in the distance and says "There!" The arm stays raised. Knowing Fr. Flemming, I'm sure there was a story to go along with all this, but it's lost in my memory.

From here the student to his left says the same thing "I see a bear!" The next one, "Where?"
"There" and the next person's arm goes up and points in the distance.

We get to end of the line. The attention goes back to Father. There may have been more of a story here, but that's lost in my memory. He says again "I see a bear"… "Where?" This time, Fr. also raises his left arm and points in the distance. 'There!' The same thing goes down the line. Well, I guess everyone is still a bit blind, so Father tries to help us see the bear again, this time, he squats down, continuing to point with both arms in the distance. And so it goes down the line.

So picture it, a line of freshman, in a squat, both arms up, pointing ahead.

What's next in this story? Father leans to his left… over we all go, like dominos.

Not sure if there was a moral here, maybe a simple example of peer pressure, or maybe it was a badly needed ice breaker to get us all laughing at ourselves for 'falling' for such a silly story.

Fr. Fleming would go on to be one of our most memorable teachers.

Another story that comes to mind. Every February, there's a large fair, the Dade County Youth Fair, a couple miles west of campus. A few of my fellow freshmen were invited to go with Fr. Fleming one afternoon. We all crammed into an old station wagon with Father at the wheel. Of course, we were supposed to be there to see the science fair exhibits, but of course in no time we were out on the midway checking out the rides. There was one in particular, the Super Himalaya, that was idle when we came by. The midway was fairly empty in the late afternoon, so the rides weren't running all the time, but when you got a ride, it was usually long. We came SO close to getting Fr. Fleming on the ride! 'It's just like a merry-go-round' we all assured him. He started to join us on the ride, but in retrospect, it was probably a good thing for (for us) that he didn't. It's a really fast and loud spinning ride that, scientifically, is a great demonstration of centrifugal force.

Thinking back to my memories of him, although he wasn't close to our age, he always had a certain youthful attitude. He would jump around in class to make biology more interesting. He always had a story, a silly joke, or anything to make us learn with a smile on our faces.  He'll be missed by every one of us who were lucky enough to be in his class.

Ray J. Vaughan

Even more wonderful Fr. Flemming memories at the St. Joe's Alumni Web Site

January 22, 2007  From Dan Kroger:  This message came to me from Fr. Krieg

> Tomorrow we bury Fr. Vinnie Trunk. He suffered a great deal over the past few years. He was one of the most simple, humble men I ever knew. I presume that you were there with him at SJV.
> ck

"Fr. Trunk was one of the most kind and gentle men I have had the privilege of knowing. I’m sorry that the world has lost him." 
Bill,  William J. Horton

"This is the first I’ve heard. I remember him fondly-we were lucky to have known him."  John D. Reveille

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