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Paul Garcia de Quevedo and Jim Blachura met in Winston-Salem, North Carolina as Paul and his wife, Donna were headed to D.C. to meet with their daughter at college. 8/24/05 (click on the image to see it full size)

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Thursday, June 30, 2005 - 22:19 EDT - New York City

Hello, Ray!

Dan Kroger (H.S. 1971) and I met up on the campus of Drew University in Madison, New Jersey on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 28th. It was the first time we'd seen each other since the Spring of 1972, when I graduated H.S. at SJV that May. Dan is up here for a month as part of his work in the Doctor of Ministry Program at Drew. We had dinner at a good local Mexican place and then took in a classical music concert on campus. After a walking tour of the attractive grounds, we split but are working on a number of ideas that I will share with you as we ago forward.

[Pictures coming soon!]


Henry Norona - 1968  A picture of me and my family with our son-in-law on a trip we took to Hawaii last summer ( left to right my son, David, my daughter Renee, my son-in-law Tim, Margaret my wife and me.  Contributed by Henry Norona 5/29/05

A Reunion...

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Fr. John J Buckley, CM and Jim Blachura (class of 69) enjoy a day of friendship and reverie as well as a fine meal together. This was taken at the Vincentian parish in Greensboro NC as Fr Buckley was passing through to go to his new assignment in Alabama.   Contributed by Fr. Buckley, CM 10/9/2000

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I'll take my camera around campus and take some shots of things that bring back a memory or two.

Here's a display in the new Maytag Library about the history of SJV:

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Artist's conception of the chapel

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A diary of the events of 1971 and the Death of Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll.

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Fr. Easterly's explanation about the mural in the Chapel and other art work on campus.   Is anyone interested in having this document available on-line?

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The bulletin from my year at SJV.

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The program for the 25th Anniversary in 1985.  I know it's hard to ready, but the concelebrants were all the school's Rectors.  I'm sorry I missed it.

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If you visit the library today, you'll see class photos for many of the classes.  Unfortunately, except for the class of 1971, they didn't include the High School.   I'll try to get a better image of this on another trip to campus:

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More on the way as I take them.