2006 Pictures

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Some more recent pictures, taken around the campus, in September 2006.  Click on the image to see it full size.

From behind the Admin Building, looking South to what is now Columbus High.  Some of these buildings were used in the early days of SJV.   They're in the process of clearing space to add parking spaces.

Looking at the back of the Admin, Cafeteria and Admin buildings.   These are now part of St. Brendan High School.   Today, the Cafeteria is shared by both SBHS and SJV.  Notice the new bridge between the High School building and the lab area on the second floor of the Cafeteria.

Taken from the area around the Refectory.


I do take requests.  Because of my role in the St. Brendan High School Alumni Association, I'm on campus every month.  I'll be happy to take photos for the web site by.   Maybe something on campus that you remember.   For example, for me, it's the dish washing machine since I remember doing dishes after dinner in the Refectory.   Even the smell of the kitchen brings back memories.