2007 Pictures

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Pictures taken from around the Campus in August, 2007.  

The High School building (once College Building) second floor. This was once a large dorm.

This room was once the infirmary. It's now an art room for St. Brendan High

This was and still is, the Biology Lab.

More of the Biology Lab

More Biology Lab

The Chemistry Lab over the Refectory.

More of the Chem Lab

Chem Lab Teacher's desk

One of our work desks

The Bell Tower

This art work from the Chapel garden was damaged during Hurricane Andrew. The school would like to get a picture of it so it can be reconstructed.

A wider view

Bell Tower

The Bells

The outdoor altar.

South side chapel garden

This grill at the Chapel will only make sense to a few people. If you know what it is, let me know.

Looking East toward the High School building and Refectory

Looking NE from South of the Chapel.