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Here are some pictures of the Chapel, the heart of SJV

chapel yellow 69.jpg (140069 bytes)

This is a tour of the Chapel from the SJV web site.

Here's a link to the artist who created the mural in our Chapel:

There is a detailed description of the mural and other artwork in the chapel as written by Fr. Easterly.  The document is available in the Library.    If anyone is interested, I could scan it and include it here.   If I can find a better picture of the mural, I'll try to scan that too.  If you remember this mural, you'll understand it could be a web site in and of itself.


Chapel inside 2 68.jpg (238693 bytes)

Here's one many of you won't recognize.   This is the inside of the Chapel that was inside the College building.  It later became a Library, then classrooms:

Chapel old 65.jpg (126002 bytes)